Who Needs U.S. News?

Every late summer, U.S. News releases its annual college rankings. Are you using them, or have you used them to make college selection decisions? If so, be careful. The College Confidential discussion forum explodes this time every year with an avalanche of frantically defended guesses as to which schools will top the rankings’ lists and ...


5 Last Minute SAT and ACT Test Prep Strategies

Today’s article was submitted by Chris Lele. You’ve probably heard many times before that you shouldn’t leave things to the last minute. But sometimes that’s all you have left. When it comes to the grueling rite of passage that is the SAT and the ACT, last minute prep strategies might actually make a significant difference ...


5 Tips to Improve Test Prep Motivation

Today’s article was written by Chris Lele. Few will disagree that it’s difficult preparing for a standardized test. You will have to carve out many hours from what is already likely a tight schedule. And if you want to achieve your goal of going onto a good school, you have little choice but to take ...


Should You Retake the SAT?

Today’s article was submitted by David Recine. When you’re prepping for the SAT, your test can seem like the ultimate deadline—that moment of truth where all you hard work either works out or doesn’t. Realistically though, your performance on test day is only the final word if you do well. If you don’t do well, ...


5 Easy Tips for Improving Your SAT Score

Today’s article was submitted by Chris Lele from Magoosh. 1. Read, read, read It is true that to really improve your reading score, you have to work at it for a while, doing practice passages and improving your reading skills. But there is a little hack in there somewhere—something to help you improve a little ...


How Much Do SAT Scores Matter for College Admissions?

Today’s article was submitted by Nadira Berman from Magoosh. Studying for the SAT is stressful, mostly because students feel that so much is riding on their score. They think that if they don’t get a high score, they won’t get into the school of their dreams. That’s a lot of pressure. But how much do ...


Concordance Abhorrence

In the case of the latest College Board/ETS SAT concordance table, it could mean "Your new SAT score is not as strong as you think it is."

5 Important Things to Focus on for the New SAT

Today’s article was submitted by Erica Cirino. This March, high school students around the country took the first new SAT of 2016. The College Board, which designs and administers the SAT, has decided implement eight major changes to its most famous test. Among these changes are reverting to a scoring scale of 1600 with no ...