Law School

Calling All Lawyers

Looks like there’s a new field emerging for ambulance-chasing lawyers: suing colleges. You may have seen this story about a recent college grad who sued her college for not doing enough to help her find a job after graduation. Well, now things are starting to snowball. “Saying they were cheated out of money and an ...


Stanford Law Dream

If you aim high and do well, you certainly have a shot at Stanford. If, however, you do well in school but don't quite attain Stanford standards (or you do, but Stanford turns you down anyway--which happens all the time) then you will still be eligible for equally good financial aid at many other excellent colleges and universities. If you attend one of them and continue to do well, you can then apply to Stanford Law School.

Accelerated Law School Programs

Yes, some colleges and universities offer an option similar to what you describe. Typically, these are called 3+3 programs because you work towards your bachelor