Red Flags to Note When Searching for a High School Internship

Today’s article was written by David White. As colleges get more and more selective in their admissions decisions, students have been looking for new ways to get an edge over other applicants. Among the more popular means of strengthening a resume or college application, participating in an internship can help your application stand out by ...


Is Real Job Better than Unpaid Internship?

Question: About a week ago, I went on a college tour where many colleges recommended employment as a way to boost admissions chances. I was recently accepted for an unpaid internship at a local lab this summer. Would most colleges consider this employment, or would they prefer it if I found additional paid employment employment ...


Internships: Worth The Effort?

Would you be willing to work for nothing to gain an advantage in getting paid employment? That seems to be the case for some college students (and even graduates) who have come head to head with the realities of today’s job market. I’m talking about internships here. For the uninitiated, an internship is defined as ...


Interning into The Wind

Perhaps one of the shortest distances between both high school and college students’ lives and a good job comes courtesy of internships. What, exactly, is an internship? Well, no less an authoritative source than Wikipedia defines an internship as “a system of on-the-job training for white-collar jobs, similar to an apprenticeship. Interns are usually college ...


Interns Paid for Good Grades

What does it take to inspire college students to get good grades? Similarly, what drives high schoolers to burn the midnight oil? For the former group, a high GPA opens the door to more and better job opportunities. For the latter, younger group, a higher class rank means a possible better shot at a more ...


Got College Employment?

Here’s a pop quiz: On what national rankings list will you find: – Lamar University getting equal billing with Duke University? – Webster University being lauded right next to Cornell University? – York College of Pennsylvania competing with Rice University? – University of the Ozarks right up there with Gettysburg College? As much as I ...


Summer Internship for Rising Soph?

Question: Is it possible for a student finishing his freshman year in college to obtain a summer internship (paid or unpaid)? My son is majoring in chemistry. Aside from speaking with personnel at the college, what is another good source for this information? If your son is resourceful, he should be able to land something ...


Finding Philosphy or History Internships

College admission officials are often more impressed when a student pursues a passion independently than when he or she joins an organized program. So don't be afraid to strike out on your own.