In-state Tuition

Can I Pay In-State Tuition After One Year in Another State?

Question: I’m about to be a high school senior and would like to go to a public university in a state far from home, but paying out-of-state tuition won’t be affordable for me. I’ve heard that, in most places, you only have to live in a state for one year in order to apply for ...


Maintaining In-State Tuition When Parents Move

Question: My son has lived in Georgia for 16 years and he plans to attend college in state. We are considering to move to another state in his sophomore year in college. Would he be able to keep his GA residency even though his parents move? Good news!  As long as your son remains continuously ...


In-State Tuition for Returning Michigan Resident?

Question: My daughter is 24 yrs old. We have lived in Michigan for 15 yrs and she graduated from high school in Michigan. She moved to California to stay with her grandparents to get her associates degree and now is moving back here and wants to get her 4 yr degree at Michigan State. How ...