Foreign Language

Will Junior Year with No Foreign Language Hurt Admission Chances?

Question: My daughter is a rising junior. She took Hons.Spanish 2 in her freshman year from school and Hons.Spanish 3 in her sophomore year from gifted learning links online, offered by Northwestern. If she does not take any foreign language in Junior year but takes AP Spanish in senior year, will that hurt her application? ...


One Year of Foreign Language?

Question: My daughter only has 1 year of Language. Her HS phased out the Spanish class, so she took arts and college prep classes instead. Now with only 1 year of language, can she get into admissions, or should she attempt to take a night class to get Spanish 101 at our community college? What ...


Does Fluency in Multiple Languages Count as Exceptional Talent?

Question How helpful is fluency in multiple languages in the admissions process? I read an article in “Journal of Higher Ed” breaking down this at elite schools. It seems like the “exceptional talent” category is often viewed as all or nothing. Meaning one’s exceptional talent either elevates one into a separate category or does not. ...


Will Only 2 Years of Foreign Language Be a Disadvantage?

Question: How big of a disadvantage is taking only 2 years of foreign language? My daughter doesn’t care for her Spanish class, and wants to double up on honors Math and Science courses instead. Is there somewhere to find a list of which schools require more than 2 years of foreign language? The impact of ...


Must Daughter With ASL Credits Take Spanish in Grade 12?

Question: My high school junior has taken honors classes throughout middle school, and AP courses throughout high school. She completed two language credits in middle school and one in high school, as well as taking a 4 yr. course in child development which counts as a language credit (for American Sign Language). She is being ...


AP Spanish Lit or French 5?

Question: My daughter, a high school senior applying to Ivy League schools, attended a French Lycee from age three until age 12. She is fluent and has continued some classes outside of school. Her high school record, however, does not reflect the French as she took three years of Spanish, including AP Spanish last year. ...


Summer Plans and College Admissions

Without a doubt you should pursue your passion for Latin this summer. We never recommend that a student make choices based only on how they may look on college applications, but