Advice for Son Expelled for Academic Integrity Violation

Question: My son was expelled from college a few months ago due to egregious academic integrity violations caused by depression and stress during the first few weeks of his freshman year. He plans to take classes during this summer and fall and get his Associate’s degree by December. He wants to apply and attend a ...


College Future for Aspiring Engineer Expelled Three Years Ago?

Question: My son Daniel was kicked out of college three years ago for a single punch to another man. Since then Daniel has gotten a job and has learned to control his anger. What he now wants more than anything is to go back and finish his education. Daniel is very intelligent and wants more ...


Next Step After Expulsion

Regardless of which route you take, college applications will ask if you were ever suspended or expelled in high school, and you will have to answer truthfully. The story behind your expulsion will probably figure more prominently in your admission outcomes than the path you take now.