Application Fee

College Application Fee Waiver Criteria

Question: Every college seems to grant application fee waivers, but none of them define who is eligible for a fee waiver. What is the income bracket under which waivers are granted? Also, are there any other criteria? You will find fee waiver eligibility guidelines here: Note, however, that they are indeed just “guidelines” and ...


Fee Waivers from NACAC and the College Board, Too?

Question: I am aware that the College Board and NACAC grant up to 4 college application fee waivers. Can I use BOTH, so that I get a total of 8 fee waivers? My own semi-official policy is that any student who qualifies for an application fee waiver (see these guidelines) should not have to limit ...


Application Fee Waivers for Single Mom?

Question: I’m a single mother with low income & I am looking to return to college to finish my Associates Degree. I left college about 8 years ago, so I have to go through the enrollment process all over again. I wanted to know, are there application fee waivers available to low income, single mothers ...


Who Writes Application Fee Waiver Request for International Student?

Question: In Mongolia, where I come from, there are no guidance counselors in high schools. To request an application fee waiver, from whom should I get the letter or request? As with most things in the colleges-admissions world, there are no easy answers when it comes to international applicants and fee waivers. Perhaps ironically, some ...


College Application Fee Waiver for Home-Schooled Student?

Question: I’d like to apply for a college application fee waiver but my situation is unusual so I’m not sure how to proceed. I’m a US citizen, born and raised, but since 2005 I’ve lived in China with my dad, a retiree, and my mother, who is a housewife. I’m also home-schooled. I’m taking the ...


Application Fee Waivers

There are several ways to get a fee waiver when applying to college. If you come from a low-income family and feel that paying an application fee would be a hardship, then you can get your application fee waived by most colleges.