10th Graders: Looking Ahead

Most of my posts here are directed at high school juniors and seniors. Some of my articles target parents and current college students. Not many, however, are aimed at 10th-grade high schoolers. I’d like to address that group today. We live in a society that prepares for Christmas starting in September, just after Labor Day. ...


4 Commonly Tested ACT English Grammar Rules

Today’s article was written by David White. For those planning to pursue an education after high school, the ACT could very well be an important part of your application process. The ACT is a standardized test that measures students’ abilities in four basic categories: English, reading, mathematics, and science. Although each college or university prioritizes ACT ...


5 Ways to Embrace ACT Prep this Summer

Today’s article was written by Heather Hamilton.  While the change of scenery is nice, summer break represents a great time to get started on or continue your ACT prep. You are free from homework, extracurriculars, and a strict beginning and end time for your day. Best of all, ACT prep doesn’t have to be a drag—embrace ...


5 Tips for Last-Minute AP Exam Prep

Today’s article was written by David White. It goes without saying that, if you want to get a good grade, you’re probably going to need to study. While this applies to small tests, like quizzes, it most certainly applies to major tests like advanced placement (AP) exams. AP exams can help you advance more quickly at ...


How to Approach Paired Passages on ACT Reading

The reading section on the ACT is made up of 40 questions across four sections, for which you’ll be given 35 minutes to complete. Each question relates to one of the five passages you’ll be asked to read before answering the questions. If you’ve ever taken a test in a class like English or history, ...


5 Tips for Answering Usage and Mechanics Questions on ACT English

Once you’ve taken ACT practice tests and identified particular areas you could use more focus, the real work begins. For many students, knowing how to proceed in a particular subject area can be challenging. Usage and Mechanics is all about your foundational knowledge of grammar, word usage, sentence structure, and punctuation. As you can imagine, ...


You’ve Received Your ACT/SAT Scores: What to Do Next

Today’s article was written by Heather Hamilton. After months of preparing for a test as large as the ACT or SAT, it can be kind of anticlimactic to actually enter the room and take the exam. Once you leave the room, this feeling is further amplified. Typically, we feel the pressure to perform well on ...


Tyranny in Testing?

Over the past eight years here, I have strongly expressed my opinions about the shortcomings of standardized college entrance testing and their biases.