School Band vs. Higher Class Rank

Question: My daughter is a finishing her freshman year in High School. She is active in her high school marching band. In order to participate in the band you must be enrolled in “band” as a class. This class is classified as a general study and doesn’t have an AP or Honors level. We decided…


2014-15 Common App Essay Prompts

Question: In a previous question THE DEAN posted the essay prompts would not change for the common application. My son (a Junior in H.S.) would like to work on his essays this Summer. Where can he find the essay prompts for the common application? If your son had Googled “Common Application Essay Prompts,” he would…


Do Common App Essay Prompts Change?

Question: Are the Common Application essay prompts the same every year? The Common App essay prompts were new this past year (2013-2014 application season) but they had been the same for a long time before that. They will remain the same in the upcoming season (2014-15) but, after that, who knows? (posted 3/27/2014)