What to Do about the Cost of College

I was looking through my personal library the other day and found an old paperback that I had purchased when I was in high school (back around the time that the earth was still cooling from its formation). It was called How to Be Accepted by the College of Your Choice (Completely Revised 1961-1962 Edition), ...


Is College Worth It?

That’s a question many parents are asking themselves when faced with the likelihood that they will be entering into a much deeper world of sacrifice and debt when the Ivy gates open wide for their son or daughter. I’ve written before here about the rising tsunami of student debt. It’s a fact, not speculation. Beginning ...


Tax Filing Tips for Students

Far more students, both high school and college, are working these days. The cost of living (and learning) is high, and young people who are not fortunate enough to come from financially well-off families (and even those who are) are looking to part-time incomes to bridge cash-shortfall gaps. Along with the earning comes the onerous ...


The American Opportunity Tax Credit

Tax credits are good, obviously, but I have to chuckle at this one. “The American Opportunity Tax Credit Act gives working families and students a $2,500 per year tax credit for students attending college.” So says the The White House Blog. Don’t get me wrong. I would enjoy a $2,500 tax credit just as much ...


California Screamin’

Here’s some exciting news from The Governator’s state, California: “. . . a University of California regents panel on Wednesday approved a 32 percent fee increase for undergraduate and graduate students, including a midyear increase that will hit students’ pocketbooks in January.” Here’s the scoop from the LA Times:

Tuition Tax Turmoil

The relentless search for tax revenue is taking an increased interest in college students. As Hillary Clinton said, “We tax everything that moves and doesn’t move . . .” Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Democratic mayor, Luke Ravenstahl, wants to tax the tuition that Pittsburgh’s college students pay. As if going to college wasn’t expensive enough. Check this ...