Special Programs

The Posse Foundation

What do you think of when you hear the word “posse”? I think of movies about the wild west. “Round up a posse and we’ll bring that varmint to justice!” Posses have a generally negative connotation. Check out these formal definitions: 1. A group of people summoned by a sheriff to aid in law enforcement. ...


Harvard Yard in Your Closet

Things must be worse than we thought with Harvard’s endowment. This has been a terrible year for colleges across the land, thanks to the recession (some even called it a “depression”). Endowment investments went south faster than a scared flock of Canada geese in October. As you no doubt know, college endowments provide a significant ...


Teach for America

If you’re a college junior, thinking about what to do after graduation, perhaps Libby Quaid’s Associated Press article will give you some focus: More college grads join Teach for America When school starts next fall, Teach for America will send an unprecedented number of college graduates to teach in poor communities across the country — ...