Recommended Reading

Using Summer for Application Prep

Today is the first day of Summer 2011. Although most of you high school rising seniors have been out of school for a while now, enjoying “summer” a bit early, you’re no doubt thinking about what lies ahead a year from now, when your college plans will most likely be complete. I recall the summer ...


Getting By for Less in College

Looking for an interesting book about how to stretch your dollars for college? Here’s a good one:  BROKE! A College Student’s Guide to Getting By on Less. Authors Trent Anderson and Seppy Basili ask: “What’s the first thing any self-respecting college student does the first time he goes broke?” Here’s yet another oddly shaped 4.5-inch ...


ACCEPTANCE is the Perfect Summer Book for Admissions Addicts

Question: Can you please recommend an admissions book for my family (wife, me, possibly our 11th grade son) to read on vacation? We want something like The Gatekeepers that feels like a vacation book, not The Fiske Guide! Excellent timing … for your request that is, not your vacation (well, probably that, too 😉 ). ...


Elite Admissions and the Disenfranchised

Here’s an interesting review of a book that proffers an explanation of the element of diversity in the so-called “elite” college admissions process.  The book, Creating a Class: College Admissions and the Education of the Elites (Harvard University Press, 2007), was authored by Dr. Mitchell L. Stevens, a New York University sociology professor. Here’s a ...


College Admission Resources on the Web

Granted, I’m prejudiced. I believe that College Confidential and College View are two of the very best college admission-related Web sites available. However, there are some other excellent resources for those of you high schoolers and parents who are looking for the widest possible pool of information regarding the whole, sometimes confusing, college process. For ...


Princeton Admissions Novel

As a Princeton parent, I’m always on the lookout for anything Princeton.  I noticed that there’s a new novel coming out about the Princeton admissions process that may be of interest to those of you aspiring to Princeton or elite schools, in general. Here’s an excerpt from a review:

Summer Looms

Spring is about to begin, but summer looms large, especially for high school students.  Summer doesn’t officially arrive until the third week of June, but now is the time to start looking ahead.  There are many summer opportunities, if you know where to look. For most of you, summertime is probably work time.  If you’re ...


More College Knowledge Q&As

Question: A friend of mine got a summer reading list from the college he’ll start in the fall.  What books should I be reading while I’m still in high school? Answer: Not many high school students ask that question.  College involves much reading.  I’ll answer your question on two levels:  Books to read for first-year ...


Catholic School vs. Public School?

Question: My wife and I have a difference of opinion concerning our son’s high school education. He is now a sophomore enrolled in the A.P. program at a parochial high school. Our question boils down to this: parochial vs. public high school? His current school is known for having a rigorous curriculum. Not everyone is ...


Index of Fields of Study

One resource that we use in our counseling is Barron's Guide to Competitive Colleges which includes a very long appendix covering what we consider to be all imaginable fields of study, from Accounting to Zoology, and with stops along the way at arcane areas such as Apparel and Accessories Marketing , Ceramic Engineering, Hospice Care, and Rural Sociology.