Does College Binge Drinking = Happiness?

I started a thread on the College Confidential discussion forum about the purpose of college. Is that purpose education or employment credentials? That contention has inspired some spirited opinions. However, there may be a stealth third option for the purpose of college: fun, and by extension, happiness. Have you ever seen the movie Animal House? ...


Public Service Announcements vs. Drinking

I think we’re all pretty much aware that binge drinking in college (and even high school) is a major concern for parents and school administrators. Unfortunately, it seems as though almost every school year, we read of a senseless death or two related to drinking. Scenes of Animal House Delta fraternity’s pledge activities and general ...


Don’t Let Spring Break Get Broken

This is the time of year that makes parents nervous. It’s spring break season. I have to wonder how popular Mexico is these days for spring breakers. It seems as though every day there is some new news story about drug gangs shooting up police stations or ambushing cars at road blocks. Parents don’t want ...


Sexual Tide Shifting on Campus?

Having had one son and one daughter go through college, my wife and I often discussed the behavioral situation on modern college campuses. Of course, we were concerned about the consequences of drunken and lascivious behaviors, but we had confidence in our kids and that they had their heads and hearts filled with common sense ...


College Drinking and Parents

More sad news today about the consequences of college drinking. A 22-year-old man was found dead at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house at Carnegie Mellon on Saturday afternoon, according to Pittsburgh police. The student attended Pitt’s Greenburg campus, according to an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The Pitt News article goes on to say:

We Are. Keg State!

I’m a Penn State graduate. My college career at University Park began during the earliest years of Joe Paterno’s reign as the Nittany Lions’ head football coach. Yeah, that’s how old I am. But hey, the good news: Joe and I are still here! Anyway, probably one of the worst nightmares for any college relations ...


Toh-GA! Toh-GA! Toh-GA!

Remember the scene in Animal House where the Delta fraternity crew just returned from a road trip where they had smashed up Flounder’s brother Fred’s Lincoln Continental? Flounder looks at the ruined car and starts blubbering. Otter tries to console him: OTTER: Come on, Flounder. You can’t worry forever about your mistakes. You [bleeped] up. ...