Campus Violence

Will Your College Be Safe?

We can all recall those terrifying images of Virginia Tech, where so many students and faculty were senselessly murdered in cold blood. There have been other similar campus slayings over the years. But, thankfully, those high-profile situations are the exception. The real issues concerning college campus safety involve individual encounters, such as assaults, robberies, random ...


E! Investigates Bullying

Parents, were you ever bullied when you were in high school (or even at an earlier age)? The problem has become a national issue of significant proportions (I hesitate to use the word “epidemic”). One recent tragedy happened when a 15-year-old Massachusetts high school girl committed suicide after being relentlessly bullied by nine of her ...


Campus Violence Up

I’m a former college Dad and my wife and I, as college parents, often thought about the security of our son and daughter as they went through their college years. Thankfully, they had absolutely no problems, but that was as far back as 20 years ago (can it be that long ago?). The situation is ...