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Suspension and Disclipline Comments by Pamela T. Horne

Suspensions and Discipline: Comments from Pamela T. Horne by Pamela T. HorneAssistant to the Provost for Enrollment Management and Director of AdmissionsMichigan State University I’ve handled “discipline and crime” questions at two different Big Ten universities, and here is how I advise applicants and their parents who are facing this issue now: 1) Students and ...


Suspension and Discipline Comments by Debra Shaver

Suspensions and Discipline: Comments from Debra Shaver by Debra ShaverDirector of AdmissionSmith College The disciplinary question is not meant to find out all the “bad” things students have done. Colleges understand that students are people (just like admission officers), capable of making mistakes or bad judgments. We’re not in the business of re-punishing students, either. ...


Suspension and Discipline Comments by Alyssa Sinclair

Suspensions and Discipline: Comments from Alyssa Sinclair by Alyssa Sinclair, Assistant Director, and the Middlebury College admissions staff “Have you ever been dismissed or suspended from a school? If so, please send a detailed explanation on a separate page with your application.” This is a request made by Middlebury College to each applicant for admission, ...


Med-School Requirements + Med-School Entry Straight from High School?

Question: Can you tell me what is the minimum requirements for med school? Also, is it possible to enter med school right after high school and, if yes, what are the requirements? In the United States, students cannot enter medical school directly from high school. However, there are a number of “direct entry” opportunities that ...


Admissions Retrospectives

Okay.  May 1 is history. Most of you high school seniors have made your enrollment decisions and, where necessary, sent in your enrollment deposits. So, your college admissions process is pretty much, if not completely, completed. You’re now an experienced college applicant who perhaps has had some ups and downs along the way. Sometimes it’s ...


How Tough Is It?

In my work as an independent college admissions counselor over the years, I never see an application season go by without its usual group of applicants who come to me with a list of candidate schools that includes what I call “the usual suspects”: Columbia, Cornell, the University of Pennsylvania, and, lest we forget, The ...


A College Admissions Documentary

Here’s a superb film about elite college admissions that parents should see. Why am I singling out parents? Well, that’s because when you watch In 500 Words or Less, you’ll get to see the sometimes less-than-positive effects of your good intentions while “helping” your high school senior with his or her college process. Of course, ...


De-Stressing College Admissions

This blog post is intended mostly for high school sophomores and juniors, those who haven’t yet waded into the knee-deep world of college applications. Unless you’ve been living on another planet, you’re no doubt aware of the ever-increasing difficulty, competitiveness, and stress of the college admission process, especially the so-called “elite” (as in Ivy League) ...


Asian Admissions Discrimination?

Are you an Asian applying to college this fall? If so, you may already be aware of the perceived (some say “real”) prejudice against Asian applicants, especially at the so-called “elite” colleges and universities. The sources I’ve seen lately definitely espouse the real prejudice aspect. For example, The Daily Princetonian offers some interesting observations:

Admissions Friends on Facebook

Our old New York Times buddy, Jacques Steinberg, has a very interesting article about college applicants trying to become buddy-buddy with admissions officers via Facebook. Ever thought of doing that? Maybe you should think again. Jacques is currently at the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) convention, where he has picked up some valuable ...