College Rules!

One of the issues high schoolers must consider as they conduct their search for the right college is how school policies will affect their personal freedom.  Schools that have strong religious affiliations usually have relatively strong to highly restrictive policies that prohibit certain kinds of activities and behaviors. A good case in point is Bringham ...


Personality Types and Temperaments

There are billions of people in the world.  Even so, there are amazing similarities among them.  Modern psychological research has produced a classification system that assigns all of us into one of four basic temperaments, which leads to one of 16 personality types.  So what does this mean to you?

Seven Things I Loved About College

Okay, I’m older than dirt, but I do have very vivid memories about my college daze, as I like to refer to them. My experience was in two parts. The first was the classical “go to college straight from high school” experience, which gave me a nice but unfocused year at Lycoming College, in Williamsport, ...


Seven Things I Didn't Like About College

I’ve already vented my love fest about college in a previous post. Now the flip side—what I didn’t like. As I mentioned, I attended college from 1965 through 1972, a period that included my military service. When I returned to college after the military, I was in no mood to take any guff from authority ...


Riding In Cars With Boys? How Will My Daughter Come Home from College?

Question: In September, my daughter will be attending a university in Boston, which is about five hours by car from our home. I’m nervous about her leaving home, but I’m obsessing even MORE about how she comes back. She’s already gathering names of other local underclassmen with cars who can drive her home for vacations ...


Overcoming Classroom Shyness

... set goals for yourself. At first, keep the bar very low. For instance, you could begin by saying that you will raise your hand and volunteer once a day in just one of your classes. After the first week or two, make that once in every class ...

First-Year Adjustments

The most common problems freshmen ("first-years") face at college include: - separation from old friends and family - dealing responsibly with new levels of personal freedom - encountering differing points of view (politics, religion, etc.)

Will my writing be a problem in college?

MIT is one of the best schools of its kind in the world and only admits three of ten applicants each year. So why do freshman at the 'Tute, as it's affectionately known, have so much trouble with the written English language?