A Journey Through College Confidential

The College Confidential site is huge. If you go to its home page, you’ll find all kinds of great incentives on which to click. However, one of the hidden gems resides way down at the bottom of that page.

Scroll down as far as you can go and click on that tiny link, “Site Map.” That will take you to a long, long listing of everything that CC offers, in a somewhat alphabetized order.

For both newbies to, and veterans of, the college admissions world, this enormous site-compilation resource is like entering a candy store with a hundred-dollar bill in hand. What delights await us here?

CC logo

Let’s take a look at some of the listings. Looking for some practical college-process help? Check out these helpful Ask the Dean articles:

The above represents just a small fraction of Sally Rubenstone’s “Dean” expertise. It will take you a very long time to exhaust the terrific college knowledge that she dispenses — all for free — on CC.

General-information articles abound on CC. Here’s just a tiny sampling: