Paying For College

The Threat of Debt

Today I would like to share some new survey information about the long term effects of significant debt, student loans and otherwise.

When The College Bill Comes Due

Aside from the need to find gainful, hopefully satisfying employment, that real world includes one very sobering reality: debt.

Sticking to Your Scholarship Search

Getting money for college may be harder than actually getting through college. The world of college scholarships is both vast and frustrating.

Unusual Sources of Money for College

“How to pay for college” is probably the biggest issue among both students and parents. Consequently, families scour the Internet for sources of cash.

Is Financial Aid Negotiable?

Even though the May 1 enrollment deadline for most colleges has passed, the goal of getting financial aid may remain a quest for some families.

Deposit Decisions

May 1 is about to be upon us. Ten days from this writing, college decisions — and their related deposits — will be due.