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Ever wondered what your Academic Index is? We'll help you estimate your AI, which is used by some schools to summarize the academic accomplishments of applicants.

Enter your SAT I (required) and (if applicable) your highest SAT II scores, enter your class size, choose a way to measure your class rank (the more precise the better), enter your class rank or GPA, and hit calculate! Simple!

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-SAT scores must range between 200 and 800.

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Important Note: the Academic Index is not used by all elite colleges and even those that may consider other factors, like extracurricular achievements, recommendations, and essays, equally or even more important as pure academics. Use with caution!

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CAUTION! Your calculated Academic Index is NOT a sure-fire indicator of your admissions chances at Ivy League or other schools for multiple reasons! Colleges may make adjustments to a class rank before computing an AI based on how the rank was originally calculated, on the size of the class, or on several other factors which they hope will decrease inequities in the system. Colleges may have their own ranking scale for the AI, or may not use the AI at all. For the majority of applicants the admissions decision will be based heavily on outside accomplishments, essays, recommendations, and other factors NOT included in the AI. Knowing and understanding your AI can be valuable, but please do NOT assume that the AI is the sole (or even a major) determinant of your chances!